Journey Part 15 1/2: The Mail Order Bakery

28 Jan

Let’s get this straight.  I’m not mailing in for a “bakery kit” that gives me all I’d ever need to open a bakery in one tidy package.  That package would include the good, bad and ugly I’m sure (probably emphasizing the bad and ugly).  Nope, I’m just referring to the growing mound of packages that is taking over our home.  This mound has Flour + Co written all over it.

The pile of packages, growing day by day

These boxes come from three sources: purchasing things online because they aren’t readily available close to home (1), things that have been special ordered by places close to home that ship direct (2), or things that are purchased online to save money (3).  Either way, it’s a lot of stuff and growing by the day.  At this rate, a moving truck will be in order once the bakery is in a state to accept packages.

Here’s an example (source #3).  I’ve recently ordered my cash drawers, receipt printers, and credit card scanner online.  If I didn’t go this route, I’d get them through my POS company which marks them up significantly for the ease of not having to think about it.

Another example (source #2).  I’ve got a whole lot of stickers ready to go for the Flour + Co packaging. They are printed locally and then sent right to me, by dictation, not choice.  That’s a lovely thing.

Talking about the state of Flour + Co, here are a few pictures from construction this week.  It’s coming right along and on schedule (please knock on wood for me!).

Construction Week 4

The plumbing complete

photo 2

The hood ready for install

photo 3

The front counter taking shape


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