Journey Part 16 1/2: Flour + Co DIY Weekend

11 Feb

What a weekend!  It was gorg outside.  Sorry to our East Coast friends who got the short end of the stick on that front.  We didn’t bask in the sun either though (only for a quick lunch with our corner store sub).  We were hard at work inside the bakery with all of the DIY projects that we’ve taken on.

I tell ya – a day of physical labor is a day of honest work.  At the end of the day, the fruits of our labor were staring us in the face, our muscles (my thumb is included in this) ached, and we knew that we’d be out like a light when our head hit the pillow.  Ahhh….accomplishment!

Here’s a quick review of our progress.


With our rented miter saw, my husband cutting all of the baseboards for the bakery.


I was the finisher, sanding, priming, painting each baseboard.


My sister-in-law came to the painting rescue. She’s a master cutter and my patience just doesn’t run that deep. So, thank you!!!

Tile progress

We can’t take credit for this, but the tiler joined us over the weekend to set all of the kitchen tile.


My husband again – this time in wiring mode. He’s the networking guru. His engineering accuracy is a real asset. I take on the projects that can sustain a margin of error.

I know it’s baby steps, but the project is moving right along.  Next weekend is even more jam packed, and that pattern should continue right into March.  Before you know it, we’ll have a bakery on our hands!


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