Journey Part 21: Preview of Flour + Co & Opening Date!

31 Mar

I should start off by saying Happy Easter!  I have to admit that I’m completely turned around on days of week and weeks of the month, but people were looking very pretty and proper out today.  Cute family shots on facebook were a big clue too.  I think a chocolate peanut butter bunny is in order.

Here at Flour + Co, it’s hard to believe it’s that time.  Our opening date is locked in for Monday, April 8th! Thanks goodness because we’ve had just about enough of painting, putting up baseboards, making and installing sound absorption panels, hanging things, breaking down boxes, taking trash to the dump, washing dishes and cleaning thoroughly after a very long day of baking (by ourselves)…..

I am so ready to get to the reason that I decided to open this business in the first place (besides the baking passion).   It’s all about the people.  The neighbors coming in each day, the tourists that are so excited to be in San Francisco and love the experience (any experience) that they have along the way, and the team that becomes family.  And so I say, goodbye construction and hello people.  Can’t say I mind eating the baked goods every day either.

This week is all about training and the last minute behind the scenes stuff. Of course, opening day/week always comes with some kinks to iron out, but I’m looking forward to having the chance to do just that, and hopefully we can avoid most of it with all of the upcoming team prep.

I should have more pics to share, but I forget to pick up my camera these days with all going on!  Anyway, here’s a peek…

The main entry - where it all happens

The main entry – where it all happens

A place to sit and enjoy the goods (will have seats soon!)

A place to sit and enjoy the goods (will have seats soon!) – see my stenciling project on the wall!?

At the end of a long day, full of progress

At the end of a long day, full of progress

Ps. Note the many flower arrangements around.  Friends and the neighbors that I’ve met have been so generous and thoughtful!  Thank you!

Pss. Our hours to start will be 6:30am – 7:30pm (monday through friday) and 6:30am – 5pm (Saturday & Sunday).  We may adjust after we see how this works, so don’t hate me if we miss you.  We’ll post hours as soon as we are sure of them.  Also, I’m still working on this little thing called a phone number.  Coming soon!


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