The Bakery Life: Flour & Co’s 1st Annual Holiday Baking Contest!

13 Sep

Are you wondering why I’m talking about a holiday baking contest in the summer??  I mean, we just unpacked our summer wardrobe a few weeks ago, right?!  San Francisco has a way of creating confusion with regards to seasons.  Everywhere else people are getting into the football season with turtlenecks and hats; watching the leaves change to beautiful yellow, orange and red hues; and relishing in that refreshing chill in the air.  Here, we’re experiencing our usual September summer with some of the hottest days of the year.  And, those of us not experiencing seasonal confusion certainly have a bad case of whiplash.  2013 is flying!

Well, what a better way to ease ourselves into the holidays (if mother nature won’t help) than baking up a storm.  I know — we’re always baking up a storm at Flour & Co, but let me assure you we’ve bumped it up a notch due to the lengthy list of fall and holiday goodies that we’re testing.  Sure enough, our holiday spirit is on the rise.

While we can’t wait to reveal our list of goodies, one thing we love about the holidays is seeing, smelling, and tasting other people’s creations.  The holidays are all about sharing, after all.

Our answer to sharing?  The first annual Flour & Co holiday baking contest!

Here’s the nitty gritty…

We’re looking for a fabulous cake or pie to be featured in our case this holiday season, along side our creations.

Are you a home baker who has a winning pie or cake recipe?  If the answer is yes, get baking.  Contest entries are due October 8, 2013.  Email your original pie or cake recipe, with a photo (optional), and the story behind your creation to  Don’t forget your contact info!

We’ll select our 8 favorite entries by October 10th for a bake-off at Flour & Co on Friday, October 18, at 6pm.  You will have to bake your pie or cake for the bake-off and present it for our judges and participants.

The winner will receive:

  • a $100 gift certificate to Flour & Co
  • a blog featuring you and your dessert posted for the world to see
  • you and your dessert will be featured on our community board
  • your dessert will be featured in our case for the month of November and December, available for sale
  • 10%  of the proceeds from your dessert will go to our deserving Raising Dough charity for each respective month – talk about sharing some holiday spirit!

Pssstt…we’ve got the basic holiday desserts covered.  Your dessert needs to be fit to serve in November and December (seasonally appropriate), but doesn’t have to look or taste like a holiday! 


The Fine Print:

You must be 21 years of age, as well as live in the bay area, to enter the Flour & Co holiday bake-off.  You are not eligible to enter if you are a professional chef or someone who creates recipes for pay.

To enter, email your unpublished, original recipe for a pie or cake, photo and story to by October 10, 2013, at 3pm.  Only entries submitted through email will be accepted. 

Flour & Co may prohibit any individual from participating in the contest or winning a prize if, in its sole discretion, it determines that said individual is attempting to violate these rules or acts in an unsportsmanlike manner at any time.  By submitting your recipe, you accept all contest rules and agree to be bound by the contest decisions, which will be final. You also agree that your recipe becomes the sole property of Flour & Co, and Flour & Co reserves the right to edit, adapt, copyright, publish, transfer and use any or all of them, without compensation.  

Finalists will be chosen from the entries by the Flour & Co owner and employees, on or after October 10, 2013.  8 finalists or fewer will be chosen depending on the number of entries.  Only those chosen as finalists will be notified by email by October 12,, 2013. 

To be a finalist, you must be able to attend the final bake-off on October 18, 2013, at Flour & Co (1030 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109).  You must bake your pie or cake and bring it to the bake-off.  You will present your dessert to the audience and/or judges.  This event will be closed to the public.  The small audience and/or independent judges will choose the winner.  The winner will be announced at the bake-off event.


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