The Bakery Life: Happy Thanksgiving from Flour & Co!!

26 Nov

Flour & Co feels so festive today.  I’ve always been a sucker for the buzz and energy that you feel when you walk into a restaurant.  But, on the holidays, the energy is kicked up a notch and sprinkled with fairy dust.  It’s extra special.  So, on our first Thanksgiving, we’re feeling cheery and full (in regards to being fully stocked with festive goodies).

photo 3

Shelby filling the apple crostata

photo 4

Jamy checking on the harvest pies in the oven

photo 2

Test before you buy!

photo 1

Bake-it-yourself essentials for your Thanksgiving table

photo 2

hostess gifts

photo 1

the lineup

As Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, I have to reflect upon all of the things that I (Flour & Co we) have to be thankful for.  While I can’t begin to list everything and everybody in a short blog, I have to get to the core.  And, at the core is my team.  They have personality, a wonderful work ethic, a sense of humor, loyalty, respect for one another, and so many other amazing qualities.  We are a true and fantastic team.  Thank you!


part of my team showing off their blue today (nope, not planned)

We’re looking forward to our big day tomorrow, Thanksgiving Eve, sending people off with treats.  Then, we’re looking forward to a few days of quiet away from the bakery for some R&R (and some delicious food – let’s be real here!).  We’ll be back on Saturday ready to give you round 2 of pumpkin.

Until then, enjoy giving thanks, spending quality time with family and friends, and, of course, eating well.  We wish you a happy Thanksgiving!!


Emily and the Flour & Co team


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