The Bakery Life: Eye Candy for the January Slump

22 Jan

I realize that we can’t talk about January slumps here in San Francisco.  We’ve been enjoying day after day of warm, sunny weather (though we desperately need the rain), while the rest of the country is tromping through slush, snow and frigid temperatures.  Regardless, January is always a yawn of a month.  Everyone is full from December.  Locals are taking it easy on the pocket book after a month of all-out madness.  Regulars are in resolution mode.  Tourists are back at work saving money for their next hurrah.

What is a bakery to do, but shake things up a bit in the baked-goods case!?  So, feast your eyes on these fancy new goodies, and see you soon!  We’ve got more of this up our sleeves and some extra time to play in the kitchen!


Colorful deli salads to brighten a January day


A preview to Valentine’s Day… Vanilla cake with raspberry filling and vanilla bean frosting


The nutella banana hazelnut toasty tarts are back seven days a week…for a limited time


The savory toasty tart has gone vegetarian. Here they are in the works with a mound of manchego cheese, house-roasted pepper, and olive tapenade

almond muffin

The almond poppyseed muffin in all its glory

The vegetable pot pie is back!!

The vegetable pot pie is back!!

PS.  For those of us realizing that February is about a week away, we’ve got some fun planned for Valentine’s Day!  Stay tuned…


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