Raising Dough: Flour & Co and St. Anthony’s San Francisco

2 Apr

During the month of March, our Raising Dough Initiative raised a total of 88 dollars to support Heifer International’s mission, to end hunger and poverty.  They provide the means and empower people to change their lives and their communities for the better.  This money could provide a family with the gift of geese, ducks, chickens and rabbits, providing the family with income from eggs, sustaining them with nourishment from protein, and enabling them to Pass on the Gift quickly to other community members once their animals have offspring.  Thank you for your support for this great cause!

In March, our team also had the opportunity to go to Family House (our February organization) to provide and share Family Dinner. Family House provides housing for families of children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses and every Wednesday, their guests join together for a shared dinner. We made fresh guacamole, taco salad and a tres leches cake! It was wonderful working with Family House and to have the opportunity to join them for dinner.

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In April, we will be accepting donations in our Raising Dough box for St. Anthony’s SF. In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Anthony Foundation’s mission is to feed, heal, shelter, clothe, and lift the spirits of those in need, and create communities where all people flourish.  They are committed to providing the poor of San Francisco with basic needs and services to assist them in reclaiming their sense of dignity and progressing toward stability. 15,000 people, including women and children, live on the street and in shelters, and thousands more use free food programs to stretch budgets that don’t quite cover food, clothing, medical expenses, and San Francisco rents. In San Francisco, alone, 12,000 families and individuals live in rooms without kitchens. St Anthony’s Dining Room serves 3,000 meals daily (and nearly a million hot, nutritious meals each year!), and every year, more people turn to St. Anthony’s for help. St Anthony’s assists many people in our community, including veterans, seniors, the working poor, homeless and low-income residents, recent immigrants, recent parolees, and the mentally and addictively ill. St. Anthony’s welcomes each guest with dignity and respect. 83% of their guests live alone, and the Dining Room is a place to share stories and smiles, a place where someone would notice if they did not show up.


st. anthony dr

St. Anthony’s Dining Room

In addition to their meal program, St. Anthony’s also runs:

  • A medical Clinic, providing care to 3,500 patients a year through services including Pediatrics, Chronic Disease Management, Mental Health Services, Urgent Care, and more.
  • San Francisco’s largest free clothing program.
  • A free technology center to bridge the digital divide and to look for technological solutions to issues of poverty.
  • A Social Work Center, with skilled professionals to advocate for clients in issues such as getting a CA ID to secure employment, finding housing, and one-on-one counseling.

We will be accepting donations during the month of May to contribute to St Anthony’s mission as well as coming together to participate in a volunteer project. If you’d like to find out more for yourself, continue on to St. Anthony’s website to get involved. http://www.stanthonysf.org/



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